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May 1st, 2015

Book Review – Firefight by Brandon Sandersonfirefight

Reviewed by A.R.

I rate the book as amazing! Everyone should read this series.

The book was about David and the Reckoners killing other Epics and how to stop them.

David is the main character in the book and the most interesting.  He has a way of making people open up about themselves and getting them to trust him.  He gets into the worst situations possible, but gets out alive somehow.  David is smart, but also naive about certain things.

I liked that not only were there action packed scenes and drama, but a bit of comedy at the most unlikely times.

The only part I did not like was that of betrayal between a couple characters and the fact I have to wait until spring of 2016 to read the next book.

My favorite lines are when Megan explains why David is dangerous. “Oh, you’re dangerous. Just not in the way that they or you think. You’re dangerous because you make people believe you, David. You make them listen to your ideas.”

This definitely needs to be on your list because it is awesome and everyone needs to a distraction.

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