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May 1st, 2015

Book ReviewChasing the Prophecy by Brandon Mull  beyonders-3

Reviewed by A.R.

I rate the book as great and if there was another book would definitely read it. The plot of the book is about two young teens from Earth who help their friends from Lyrian defeat an evil emperor.

Interesting characters from the book are Jason and Galloran. Jason because even though he doesn’t have any special powers he is able to help his friends when they really need it and he always makes friends with people that are useful to their cause. Galloran is interesting because he is very wise and he was able to fight one of the most dangerous creatures and win.

What I liked most was, even though all seemed lost, they continued to believe in each other and fought the emperor.

Personally, I just don’t like it that the main characters had to split up to continue their quest.

My favorite passage from the book is when Jason is defending Galloran and their quest against a critique of the cause; “You’re arguing that stopping him is unrealistic,” Jason said. “But don’t you get what Galloran was saying? You’re with people who do unrealistic things. He’s killed three torivors! I spoke the Word to Maldor and then escaped Felrook. Rachel killed Orruck and we took his Orantium. We all made it through Ebera. We’ve done lot’s of unrealistic things. Why not try for a few more?”

I don’t think the book should be on the list because it’s the third and last one of the series. I don’t want people thinking they should read the third one first just because it’s on Top Ten list. Otherwise it’s very good book.

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